AMP pages no longer need structured data to be valid in Google Search Console

Google has downgraded the structured data issues from errors to information notes in the AMP error reports.


With AMP expanding to the core mobile results in the future, it is good to know that invalid structured data is no longer a make it or break it rule for making your AMP pages show up in the search results.

Google has updated the Google Search Console AMP error reports starting on April 1st, according to this page to “downgrade” both the “missing structured data” and “invalid structured data” errors from pure errors that invalidate your AMP pages to just “informational notes” that do not invalidate your AMP pages.

Google wrote:

Some AMP pages may see a drop in errors reported. This is because the “missing structured data” and “invalid structured data” issues have been downgraded from errors to informational notes. This downgrading was done because an AMP page no longer needs a structured data element to appear in search results.

Of course, structured data is important to jazz up the interface and show better in the top news carousel. But with AMP support coming to core mobile search, it is not a requirement to show up in the ten blue links.