Google iOS app gets better listening skills for voice searches & newly added features

Hotel search results will now show expanded information around hotel amenities, and gas station searches will include gas prices.


Google rolled out a number of new updates to its iOS app today, including the ability to better hear voice searches conducted in noisy environments.

In addition to being a better listener, Google’s iOS app will also save recently visited pages. According to the update notice, tapping on the “recents” icon (found on the top right corner of the home page, or to the right of the “G” button) will return pages visited during the previous seven days.

Local search results for hotels and gas stations have also been updated. Hotel searches will now include information about amenities like WiFi, gym, pool and laundry services, while gas station search results may include gas prices, as shown here:


There’s also a newly added “Forward” button to move back and forth between pages for better navigation.